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Healed by the Moment


I was drenched in love today: exhilarating love.  Looks and hugs and kisses I want to keep forever within me.  My deepest pain, my dark spot was polished and shining.  I watched them as they play and dance with freedom.  I was happy yet envious of their closeness to  freedom: the freedom I covet daily.  The freedom I long to hold so close to my heart- freedom of being me.

It was a reminder of how much I missed being with them, while they are with me – a relic of beautiful moment buried deep in my soul.  I had to search within me to remember.  A shameful reminder of my responsibility of fatherhood.

Too focused with their and my studies, too focused in ‘being successful’, I had started to repeat a saga I abandoned on purpose.  A saga of fatherless child, who begrudged his neighbors’ family…

But today, at the park I was healed by a moment I will cherish forever… I saw in their eyes how much they have missed me.  I felt deep in my soul how much I miss them.  I felt my love to them – a love I can never feel for anyone else.   I realized although we live together, we see each other daily, moments like this are precious, unique and irreplaceable.

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